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Table 5 Univariate analysis of perioperative clinical and echocardiography risk predictors associated with in-hospital mortality in the studied patients

From: Left ventricular function outcome after coronary artery bypass grafting, King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC)- single-center experience

VariableMortalityUnivariate p value
All patients6 
 DM2 (33.3%)0.001
 Diastolic dysfunction II/III4 (66.7%)0.03
 IABP4 (66.7%)< 0.001
Group I4 
 DM1 (25%)0.001
 IABP3 (75%)< 0.001
Group II2 
 Diastolic dysfunction II/III1 (50%)0.02
 IABP1 (50%)0.001
  1. DM diabetes mellitus, IABP intra-aortic balloon pump