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Table 2 Blood pressure variability

From: Comparison between central and ambulatory blood pressure measurements in early detection of end organ damage: a single-center prospective non-randomized controlled trial

  ABPM SBP “controlled” Central SBP “controlled” P
SBP 57 (57%) 70 (70%) 0.056
DBP 56 (56%) 61 (61%) 0.473
Mean BP 57 (57%) 67 (67%) 0.419
  1. Post hoc (LSD test), P: Comparison between ABPM SBP and central SBP
  2. HTN hypertension, ABPM ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, PWV pulse wave velocity, Cr creatinine, GFR glomerular filtration ratio, LVMI left ventricular mass index, CIMT carotid intimal medial thickness, ABI ankle-brachial index
  3. *Statistically significant difference (p < 0.05)
  4. **Highly statistically significant difference