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Table 1 Criteria for diagnosis and assessment of the severity of endomyocardial fibrosis [5]

From: Endomyocardial fibrosis presented by ventricular tachycardia: case report

Criterion Score
Major criteria
 Endomyocardial plaques > 2 mm in thickness 2
 Thin (≤ 1mm) endomyocardial patches affecting more than one ventricular wall 3
 Obliteration of right ventricular or left ventricular apex 4
 Thrombi or spontaneous echo contrast without severe ventricular dysfunction 4
 Retraction of the right ventricular apex (right ventricular apical notch) 4
 Atrioventricular-valve dysfunction due to adhesion of the valvular apparatus to the ventricular wall (the score is assigned according to the severity atrioventricular regurgitation) 1–4
Minor criteria
 Thin endomyocardial patches localized to one ventricular wall 1
 Restrictive flow pattern across mitral or tricuspid valves 2
 Pulmonary-valve diastolic opening 2
 Diffuse thickening of the anterior mitral leaflet 1
 Enlarged atrium with normal-size ventricle 2
 M-movement of the interventricular septum and flat posterior wall 1
 Enhanced density of the moderator or other intraventricular bands 1
  1. A total score of < 8 = mild EMF; 8–15 = moderate EMF; > 15 = severe EMF