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Table 4 IVUS stent length measurements and manufacturer stent length (manufacturer-stated length and foreshortened length)

From: In vivo measurement of stent length by using intravascular ultrasound

 Measurements, mm
E-E length*18.76 (15.65–23.60)
A-A length18.36 (15.19–23.47)
M-L length18.0 (15.0–23.0)
Calculated foreshortened stent length17.84 (14.59–22.79)
  1. Data are given as median (IQR)
  2. E-E length edge-to-edge stent length, A-A length area-to-area stent length, M-L length manufacturer-stated length
  3. *p < 0.0001 is for E-E length versus M-L length, calculated foreshortened stent length and A-A length
  4. p < 0.0001 is for A-A length versus M-L length and calculated foreshortened stent length