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Table 4 univariate analysis of 3D echo guided defect area and circumfrence versus device parameters using independent sample T test

From: A novel three-dimensional echocardiographic method for device size selection in patients undergoing ASD trans-catheter closure

GeneralGROUP TYPEPaired T test
3D echo measurementsDevice measurementstP
3D defect area versus device waist area in cm22.25+-1.533.38+-2.312.8540.0053
3D defect circumference versus device waist circumference in cm5.36+-1.662.07+-3.4511.291< 0.0001
3D defect area versus left atrial disc area in cm22.25+-1.539.16+-4.022.1810.0316
3D defect circumference versus left atrial disc circumference in cm5.36+-1.662.25+-6.9012.815< 0.0001