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Table 2 Operative and postoperative data

From: Report of five cases: sandwich repair for post infarction ventricular septal rupture with right ventricular approach

VariablesMean (range)
Aortic cross clamp90 min (64-157 min)
CPB-time147 min (108-240 min)
CABG2 of 5
Postoperative EF24% (20-30%)
Post-operation intubation6.3 days (6 h-30 days)
Postoperative IABP2.8 days (1-5 days)
Postoperative ICU stay11.8 days (4-40 days)
Bleeding0 patients (n = 5)
Residual shunting0 patients
In-Hospital mortalityN0
Long term survival4 patients (n = 5)