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Table 4 Severe cardiovascular diseases requiring urgent or emergent intervention or surgery

From: Rapid guide to the management of cardiac patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt: “a position statement of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology”

1. Acute STEMI with hemodynamic instability
2. Life-threatening NSTEMI indicated for urgent revascularization.
3. Stanford type A or complex Type B acute aortic dissection.
4. Bradyarrhythmia complicated with syncope or unstable hemodynamics mandating implantation of a temporary (bedside implantation as far as possible), or, if indicated, permanent pacemaker.
5. Pulmonary embolism presenting with hemodynamic instability for whom regular intravenous thrombolytic therapy might lead to excessively risk of intracranial bleeding, and trans-catheter low-dose thrombolysis in the pulmonary artery may be required.
  1. Modified from CSC expert consensus [11]