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Table 4 Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses for predictors of procedural success

From: Periprocedural and clinical outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention of chronic total occlusions in patients with low- and mid-range ejection fractions

VariableExp (B) odds ratio95% CIp valueVariableExp (B) odds ratio95% CIp value
Univariate logistic regression analysis
DM4.3931.209/15.9570.025*Prior PCI1.5280.440/5.3040.505
EF category0.6520.305/1.3890.268CKD0.4440.089/2.2090.322
Age1.0550.975/1.1420.182Post CABG1.7670.406/7.6920.448
Gender0.4850.126/1.8650.292SYNTAX score0.9050.756/1.0840.279
BMI0.9090.689/1.1970.496J-CTO score14.5711.784/119.0430.012*
HTN0.3840.106/1.3850.144Wiring technique0.6580.175/2.4560.532
Smoking0.6040.173/2.1070.429Wiring stiffness1.3270.367/4.7990.666
Multivariate logistic regression analysis
DM4.8841.218/19.5830.025*J-CTO score15.8821.959/134.6310.011*
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± SD or number (%)
  2. BMI: body mass index, CKD: chronic kidney disease, DM: diabetes mellitus, G (N): normal LVEF group, G (M): mid-range LVEF group, G (L): low LVEF group, HTN: hypertension, *:significant