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Table 2 Psychological stress questionnaire

From: Routine pre-employment echocardiography assessment in young adults: cost and benefits

  Item Agree Rather agree Disagree
1 I feel confident in my efficiency.    
2 Sometimes I worry about my health.    
3 My thinking about the consequences of a medical examination makes me nervous.    
4 I see that the administrative decision to accept the job is unfair.    
5 I am afraid not to secure an adequate physical level if I am not employed.    
6 I have negative thoughts such as expectation of rejection or illness    
7 I am scared of refusing to hire me.    
8 I'm afraid my situation will get worse if I don’t get the job.    
9 I feel that the medical examination of the job is annoying and disturbing.    
10 I am afraid of something that threatens my job.    
11 I am afraid that the result of the medical examination will affect my private life.    
12 I am concerned to think that I am seriously ill.    
13 I fear my relationship with my family will get worse if I don't get a job.    
14 I see the medical examination as a threat to some.    
15 I am afraid not to get another job if I am refused.    
  1. The total score of the questionnaire ranges between (15) minimum score, and (45) degree maximum, where it indicates:
  2. • The range of degrees (15–25) suggested a low level of psychological stress
  3. • The range of degrees (26–36) suggested a medium level of psychological stress
  4. • The range of degrees (37–45) suggested a high level of psychological stress