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Table 5 Correlation of TLS and significant CAD in each coronary artery territory

From: Myocardial strain analysis as a non-invasive screening test in the diagnosis of stable coronary artery disease

Coronary artery territories Number Mean TLS (%) P-value
LAD segments in patients    0.005
 With significant LAD lesion 37 −17.7031
 Without significant LAD lesion 52 −20.6676
LCX segments in patients    0.016
 With significant LCX lesion 30 −15.0267
 Without significant LCX lesion 58 −17.35
RCA segments in patients    0.001
 With significant RCA lesion 31 −15.5548
 Without significant RCA lesion 57 −18.29
  1. Abbreviations: CAD coronary artery disease, LAD left anterior descending artery, LCX left circumflex artery, RCA right coronary artery, TLS territorial longitudinal strain