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Table 3 The goal of the treatment (criteria for success) [15]

From: The treatment dilemma in adult patients with peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis of diverse etiologies

• Relief of pulmonary artery stenosis or a minimum increase in the vessel diameter of 50% with improvements in the angiographic flow in the dilated pulmonary artery segment (angiographic success)
• Reduction in the right ventricular systolic pressure to less than 50% of the systemic pressure or a decrease in the right ventricular systolic pressure by 30% or more
• A minimum reduction of 50% in the distal pulmonary artery to the main pulmonary artery peak systolic pressure gradient
• Improvement in the ipsilateral lung perfusion level (> 35%)
• Improvement in the peripheral lung perfusion, ameliorating the hemodynamic effects of pulmonary valve regurgitation