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Table 5 Bivariate Spearman's Rho correlations between the patients ICULOS and their other clinical outcomes and measures

From: Predictors of aortic clamp time duration and intensive care unit length of stay in elective adult cardiac surgery

  ICULOS (days)
Patients age in years 0.172**
Total surgical time (min) 0.484**
Cardiopulmonary bypass time (min) (CPBT) 0.562**
Aortic cross-clamp time (ACCT) 0.758**
Intraoperative body temperature (Celsius) − 0.017
Bleeding amount-blood loss-in (cc) in the ICU 0.599**
  1. **p value is ≤ 0.010, *p value ≤ 0.050 (p values are two tailed)