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Table 2 Discrepancies between routine obstetric ultrasound scan and FE

From: Clinical utility of fetal echocardiography: an Egyptian center experience

Case number Obstetric US FE Post natal assessment
Cases with suspicious Obstetric US and normal FE
(18, 55, 61–69) Suspicious Normal Normal
(21) and (56) Suspicious Normal Not done (Lost follow up)
(43) Suspicious Normal Not done (IUFD)
Cases with positive findings by FE and unsuspicious obstetric US
(39) Normal Cono-trunchal anomaly Not done (Lost follow up)
(45,52) Normal Complex CHD Confirmed
(46) Normal Complex CHD Not done (Stillbirth)
(51) Normal Common AV canal Not done (Lost follow up)
(58) Normal Prolonged PR interval confirmed
(72) Normal Atrial tachycardia Not done (Elective termination)
(75, 82) Normal Common AV canal Confirmed
  1. CHD congenital heart defect, FE fetal echocardiography, NE neonatal echocardiography, US ultrasound