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Table 6 Summary of nutrition recommendations for patients with HTG [7, 34,35,36,37,38]

From: Egyptian practical guidance in hypertriglyceridemia management 2021

Nutrient Encourage Limit/restrict Stop completely
Sugar-sweetened beverages   If TG < 500 mg/dl If TG > 500 mg/dl
Fruits Can be included but individualize
3–4 servings per day
1 serving per day if TG > 1000  
Vegetables Encourage most vegetables Vegetables with high glycemic index (carrots, potatoes,..) Canned vegetables
Vegetable juices
Legumes Encourage   
Fish—sea food Encourage fatty or lean fish at least 2 servings/week   
Poultry—lean meats Encourage instead of red meat   
Dairy products   Limit full-fat dairy Sugar-sweetened dairy products
Full fat dairy if TG > 1000 mg/dl
Fiber-rich whole grains Encourage 4–6 servings per day   
Nuts and peanuts Encourage in moderation Limit if TG > 1000 mg/dl  
Desserts   May be used occasionally if TG 500–999 mg/dl Avoid if TGs > 1000 mg/dl