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Table 4 History of CAD among the different groups

From: Correlation between prediabetes and coronary artery disease severity in patients undergoing elective coronary angiography

 Group AGroup BGroup CTest
P valueSig.Post hoc analysis
No. (%)No. (%)No. (%)P1P2P3
Prior PCI42 (18.4%)39 (22.0%)75 (23.0%)1.7470.417NS
Prior CABG9 (3.9%)3 (1.7%)15 (4.6%)2.7840.249NS
Prior ACS81 (36.0%)93 (52.5%)114 (35.0%)16.5430.000S0.0010.8030.000
  1. P value > 0.05, nonsignificant; P value < 0.05, significant; P value < 0.01, highly significant
  2. *: Chi-squared test
  3. P1: Group A vs group B
  4. P2: Group A vs group C
  5. P3: Group B vs group C