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Table 1 Clinical and demographic characteristics of the patients

From: A novel three-dimensional echocardiographic method for device size selection in patients undergoing ASD trans-catheter closure

Gender (M/F)18/32
Mean age in years19.3 +/- 14.09
Mean weight in Kg48.92 +/- 27.6
Mean height in cm139.2 +/- 30.52
Mean BSA in m21.35 +/- 0.526
Associated cardiac anomalies 
 PS(n=1) (2%)
Mode of presentation 
 Accidentally discovered(n=23) (46%)
 Shortness of breath(n=18) (36%)
 Palpitation(n=5) (10%)
 Atypical chest pain(n=4) (8%)
  1. BSA= Body surface area, AR= Aortic regurgitation, MVP= Mitral valve prolapse, MR= Mitral regurgitation, PS= Pulmonary stenosis