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Table 2 univariate analysis of 3D echo maximum ASD diameter versus 2D echo ASD diameters using independent sample T test

From: A novel three-dimensional echocardiographic method for device size selection in patients undergoing ASD trans-catheter closure

GeneralGROUP TYPEPaired T test
3D echo maximum diameter2D echo diameterstP
Sub costal biatrial diameter17.70+-6.0315.85+-5.99-1.5390.1270
Sub costal sagittal diameter17.70+-6.0315.96+-5.83-1.4650.1462
Parasternal short axis diameter17.70+-6.0314.58+-7.02-2.3550.0206
2D TTE maximum diameter17.70+-6.0317.26+-6.52-0.3480.7289
2D TEE maximum diameter17.70+-6.0316.74+-6.33-0.7790.4376
Balloon stretched diameter17.70+-6.0319.60+-5.371.2900.2013