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Table 3 Patients with severe emergent cardiovascular diseases for whom hospitalization and conservative medical treatment are recommended during COVID-19 epidemic

From: Rapid guide to the management of cardiac patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in Egypt: “a position statement of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology”

1. STEMI for whom thrombolytic therapy is indicated.
2. STEMI patients presenting after exceeding the optimal window of time for revascularization but yet with worsen symptoms, continuous ST-segment elevation, or mechanical complications.
3. High risk NSTE-ACS patients (GRACE score ≥ 140)
4. Uncomplicated Stanford type B aortic dissection
5. Acute pulmonary embolism
6. Acute exacerbation of heart failure
7. Hypertensive emergency
  1. Modified from CSC expert consensus [11]