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Table 5 Baseline ECG and clinical data of the nine subjects with their abnormal echocardiographic findings

From: Routine pre-employment echocardiography assessment in young adults: cost and benefits

Echocardiographic abnormalities No. ECG findings Clinical
ASD 1 RVH Splitted fixed S2
Dextrocardia 1 Dextrocardia pattern Lt sided liver, heart sounds and LV apex at Rt side of the chest
Mild MVP, mild MR 1 Normal Normal exam
Flail MV, severe MR 1 Non-specific Muffled S1, systolic apical murmur, dyspnea NYHA II
BAV, Mild AR 1 Normal Normal exam
BAV, moderate AR 1 Normal AR murmur
LVH 2 LVH Elevated BP
Pulmonary hypertension 1 Normal Normal exam
  1. ASD intra-atrial septal defect, MVP mitral valve prolapse, MR mitral regurgitation, BAV bicuspid aortic valve, AR aortic regurgitation, LVH left ventricular hypertrophy, RVH right ventricular hypertrophy, Lt left, Rt right, NYHA New York Heart Association, BP blood pressure