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  1. We aimed to establish a clinical registry for patients with congenital heart disease who referred to multidetector computed tomography in our country, to describe the pattern and clinical profile of such patie...

    Authors: Dina Adel Ezzeldin, Mohamed Saber Hafez and Amr Mansour
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:90
  2. The aorta is the largest and strongest artery in the body that plays an important role in the control of systemic vascular resistance and heart rate. Aortic diseases contribute to the wide spectrum of arterial...

    Authors: Ahmed Shehata Mohamed Ismail, Shareefa Ali Mohammad Al-Suraimi, Hossam El Din Ghanem El Hossary, Mohamed Ali Salem and Hossam Ibrahim Hamed Kandil
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:89
  3. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is major cardiovascular disease that causes high morbidity and mortality. In AMI, ischemia and necrosis affected some cardiomyocytes leading to a decrease in myocardial contra...

    Authors: Harefa, Ika Prasetya Wijaya, Muhadi, Cleopas Martin Rumende, Sally Aman Nasution, Sukamto Koesnoe, Maruhum Bonar Marbun and Hamzah Shatri
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:88
  4. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Over three quarters of the cardiovascular deaths take place in low and middle-income countries. Despite the ben...

    Authors: Rebecca Farah, Wim Groot and Milena Pavlova
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:87
  5. Ventricular septal defect (VSD) is the most common congenital heart disease. In patients with large VSD, left side chambers are subjected to volume overload with subsequent chambers dilatation and eccentric le...

    Authors: Amr Abdel Aal, Housam M. Hassan, Dina Ezzeldin and Maiy El Sayed
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:86
  6. Heart failure (HF) is a major global challenge, emphasised by its designation as the leading cause of hospitalisation in those aged 65 and above. Approximately half of all patients with HF have concurrent iron...

    Authors: Hassan Ismahel and Nadeen Ismahel
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:85
  7. Pulmonary embolism (PE) is the third most common acute cardiovascular syndrome. Percutaneous catheter directed hydro-mechanical defragmentation (HMD) is one of the recommended treatment options for PE in patie...

    Authors: Ayman K. M. Hassan, Heba Ahmed, Yousef Ahmed, Abd-Elazim Abo Elfadl and Amany Omar
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:84
  8. Ductal stenting is the preferred method of securing adequate pulmonary blood flow in patients with duct-dependent pulmonary circulation. The main limitation in most centers is the difficult vertical tubular or...

    Authors: Saud Bahaidarah, Jameel Al-Ata, Naif Alkhushi, Ahmad Azhar, Zaher Zaher, Bayan Alnahdi, Mohamed Abdelsalam, Ahmed Elakaby, Ahmed Dohain and Gaser Abdelmohsen
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:83
  9. COVID-19 associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (CARDS) is a severe form of SARS CoV-2 infection and affects about 15–30% of hospitalized patients with a high mortality rate. Growing research and data ...

    Authors: Eka Prasetya Budi Mulia and Kevin Luke
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:82
  10. Percutaneous mitral valve (MV) clipping for mitral regurgitation (MR) revolutionized MV repair; however, valve anatomies and pathologies vary. Often multiple clips are required, and predicting this pre-procedu...

    Authors: Mohammad El Garhy, Bernward Lauer, Björn Göbel, Lisa C. Costello-Boerrigter, Carsten Salomon, Harald Lapp and Marc-Alexander Ohlow
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:79
  11. Deferred stenting, despite being successful in early studies, showed no benefit in recent trials. However, these trials were testing routine deferral; not in patients with heavy thrombus burden.

    Authors: Ahmed M. Magdy, Salwa R. Demitry, Hosam Hasan-Ali, Mohamed Zaky, Mohamed Abd El-Hady and Mohamed Abdel Ghany
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:78
  12. Cardiovascular system involvement in coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) has gained great interest in the scientific community.

    Authors: Eman Sobh, Muhammad Saad Reihan, Tamer M. S. Hifnawy, Khloud Gamal Abdelsalam, Sohaila Sabry Awad, Nehal Mostafa Hamed Mahmoud, Nariman A. Sindi and Hani A. Alhadrami
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:77
  13. Arrhythmia, one of the most common complications of COVID-19, was reported in nearly one-third of diagnosed COVID-19 patients, with higher prevalence rate among ICU admitted patients. The underlying etiology f...

    Authors: Omnia Azmy Nabeh, Maiada Mohamed Helaly, Rahma Menshawey, Esraa Menshawey, Mohammed Mansoor Matooq Nasser and Ahmed Mohamed Diaa El-deen
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:76
  14. Anemia affects one-third of heart failure patients and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Despite being one of the commonest comorbidities associated with heart failure, there is a significa...

    Authors: Yash Paul Sharma, Navjyot Kaur, Ganesh Kasinadhuni, Akash Batta, Pulkit Chhabra, Samman Verma and Prashant Panda
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:75
  15. Despite the marked improvement in the aortic dissection repair techniques, residual dissected aorta with a patent false lumen remains an issue. So, the aim of our study is to observe the effect of inserting th...

    Authors: Mostafa Mehanna, Moustafa Elhamami, Ahmed Abolkasem, Bassem Ramadan, Abdallah Almaghraby and Jorge Mascaro
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:74
  16. Subaortic obstruction by a membrane or systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve leaflets is usually suspected in young patients, especially if the anatomy of the aortic valve is not clearly stenotic and un...

    Authors: Hoda Abdelgawad, Mahmoud Shehata, Mahmoud Abdelnabi, Abdallah Almaghraby and Mohamed Ayman Abdel-Hay
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:73
  17. The gene NKX2-5 is a key transcription factor that plays an essential role in normal cardiac development. Although some recent studies have studied the role of polymorphisms in the NKX2-5 gene in congenital heart...

    Authors: Sana Ashiq, Kanwal Ashiq and Muhammad Farooq Sabar
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:72
  18. The impact of early diagnosis of fetal cardiac abnormalities on the postnatal outcome has been controversial in literature. We aimed to evaluate the role of fetal echocardiography (FE) as a diagnostic tool for...

    Authors: Marwa Moustapha Al-Fahham, Nada Ayman Gad, Ahmed Ramy Mohamed Ramy and Nevin Mamdouh Habeeb
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:71
  19. To overcome the several drawbacks of warfarin, non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) were developed. Even though randomized controlled trials (RCTs) provided high-quality evidence, the real-worl...

    Authors: Yoga Waranugraha, Ardian Rizal, Mokhamad Fahmi Rizki Syaban, Icha Farihah Deniyati Faratisha, Nabila Erina Erwan and Khadijah Cahya Yunita
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:70
  20. Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a well-established and standard therapy for patients with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis at moderate or high risk for surgical aortic valve replacement. Re...

    Authors: Hesham Bahaa, Yasser Sadek, Ahmad E. Mostafa, Diaa Kamal, Mahmoud Baraka, Mohammad Abdelghani, Ahmed Hassan, Ahmed Shehata, Magdy Abdelhamid and Ahmed Elguindy
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:67
  21. Cor triatriatum and supramitral ring are congenital anomalies which result in formation of three chambers of atria. To the best of our knowledge, simultaneous presence of both entities in the same patient resu...

    Authors: Barun Kumar, Ashwin Kodliwadmath, Amar Nath Upadhyay, Anupam Singh, Anshuman Darbari and N. Nanda
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:66
  22. Peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis (PPAS) is a rare and underdiagnosed phenomenon that is reported infrequently in adult patients. Most patients with PPAS have concomitant congenital heart diseases, a histor...

    Authors: Zahra Hosseini, Ata Firouzi, Bahram Mohebbi, Ehsan Khalilipur, Mohammadreza Baay, Kiara Rezaei Kalantari, Iman Harirforoosh and Zahra Khajali
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:65
  23. Aortocoronary arteriovenous fistula (ACAVF) due to iatrogenic bypass grafting to a cardiac vein is an exceedingly rare complication resulting from coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery. If not identif...

    Authors: Akarsh Parekh, Vivek Sengupta, Ryan Malek and Mark Zainea
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:64
  24. Conventional coronary angiography (CAG) is currently the gold standard technique for the assessment of coronary arteries prior to cardiac valve surgery. Although CAG is a relatively safe procedure, however, it...

    Authors: Abdalla Elagha, Waleed Khaled, Sahar Gamal, Mohamed Helmy and Ayman Kaddah
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:63
  25. Atrial fibrillation (AF) occurs very frequently after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG); it occurs in about 20–edictors can be used for the dedicatio40% of patients. It is associated with several adverse ...

    Authors: Gomaa Abdelrazek, Kareem Mandour, Mohammad Osama and Khaled Elkhashab
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:62
  26. Thymic epithelial tumour (TET) is the most common tumour affecting the anterior mediastinum in adults. The cardiac extension is often limited to the pericardium, and intracardiac extension is rare. We present ...

    Authors: Ahmed Ayuna, Saad Ahmad, Sjirjel Alam and Nik Abidin
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:60
  27. Valvular heart disease is a common health problem affecting both sexes and all age groups. Almost all guidelines are based on studies that mainly involved male patients.

    Authors: Ghada Youssef
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:58
  28. The optimal strategy for revascularization in patients with NSTEACS who had multivessel coronary artery disease. A lack of evidence exists about the role of complete coronary revascularization by PCI in patien...

    Authors: Ahmed O. Elkady, Mohamed Abdelghany, Reda Diab, Ahmed Ezz and Abdalla A. Elagha
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:56
  29. Left atrial (LA) size is frequently assessed by posterior-anterior linear measurement of LA (LAD P-A) in the parasternal long axis to expedite examination. Aging, changes in body surface area, and several card...

    Authors: Abdullah Kaplan, Raffaele Altara, Marco Manca, Hacı Murat Gunes, Alessandro Cataliotti, George W. Booz and Fouad A. Zouein
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:55
  30. In most acute coronary artery (ACS) related literature, the female gender constitutes a smaller proportion. This study is based on gender-specific data in the Saudi Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry Program...

    Authors: Abdulhalim Jamal Kinsara and Yasser M. Ismail
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:54
  31. Secundum atrial septal defect (ASD) closure leads to electrical and mechanical remodeling that occurs early after shunt disappearance. The relationship between electromechanical remodeling using electrocardiog...

    Authors: Amr Mansour, Noha M. Gamal, M. Alaa Nady, Salwa R. Demitry, H. Shams-Eddin and Khaled M. El-maghraby
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:53
  32. Ocular manifestations of infective endocarditis are nonspecific and rare. Endophthalmitis, retinal artery occlusion, Roth spots and vitreal and retinal infiltrations can all be seen with infective endocarditis...

    Authors: Rupesh Kumar, Vidur Bansal, Vikram Halder, Nirupan Sekhar Chakraborty and Krishna Prasad Gourav
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:52
  33. Closure of all haemodynamically significant atrial septal defects (ASDs) is recommended irrespective of symptoms. Percutaneous device closure offers a favourable alternative to surgery with lower morbidity, sh...

    Authors: Akash Batta, Sanjeev Naganur, Ajay Rajan, Kunwer Abhishek Ary, Atit Gawalkar and Parag Barwad
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:51
  34. Secundum-type atrial septal defects (ASD) constitute 8% to 10% of congenital heart defect. Secundum ASDs can be closed either percutaneously or surgically. However, ASD device closure has proven to be technica...

    Authors: Zahra Khajali, Ata Firouzi, Hamidreza Pouraliakbar, Zahra Hosseini and Fateme Jorfi
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:50
  35. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the most prevalent diseases around the world; however, finding the best noninvasive, low-cost, and more easily accessible test for its screening has been a challenge for...

    Authors: Nehzat Akiash, Mohammad Mohammadi, Hoda Mombeini and Akbar Nikpajouh
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:49
  36. The management of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) during hospitalization requires an accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement, mainly by invasive intra-arterial reading. Nevertheless, little is known...

    Authors: Ayman Khairy M. Hassan, Ayman H. Shaamash, Asmaa G. Mohamed, Salwa R. Demitry and Nady A. Razik
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:48
  37. Stent manufacturers always record stent shortening data while they do not record stent elongation data. The aim of this study is to identify both stent shortening and elongation occurring after deployment in t...

    Authors: Magdy Algowhary and Mohammed Aboel-Kassem F. Abdelmegid
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:46
  38. People with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN) is an underdiagnosed risk factor for CVD, which is prevalent among peo...

    Authors: Ahmad Osailan
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:44
  39. Pulmonary artery thrombosis is rare in neonates and mimics as persistent pulmonary hypertension or congenital heart disease. Risk factors include septicemia, dehydration, polycythemia, maternal diabetes, asphy...

    Authors: Y. S. Shrimanth, Krishna Prasad, Adari Appala Karthik, Parag Barwad, C. R. Pruthvi, Atit A. Gawalkar, Krishna Santosh and Sanjeev Naganur
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:43

    The Correction to this article has been published in The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:45

  40. Our aim was to assess safety and efficacy outcomes at 1 year after MitraClip for percutaneous mitral valve repair in patients with severe mitral regurgitation.

    Authors: Radwa Abdullah Elbelbesy, Ahmed Mohsen Elsawah, Ahmed Shafie Ammar, Hazem Abdelmohsen Khamis and Islam Elsayed Shehata
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:42
  41. Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is known to lead not only to severe acute respiratory syndrome, but also can result in thromboembolic events in both the venous and the arterial circulation by inducin...

    Authors: Arash Hashemi, Fady Gerges, Haseeb Raza Naqvi, Irina Kotlar, Sara Moscatelli, Ashkan Hashemi, Yasmin Rustamova and Abdallah Almaghraby
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2021 73:39

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