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  1. Hypertension is a major health problem in the Philippines, being the second leading disease and the second leading factor driving the most death and disability in the country. Despite efforts made toward incre...

    Authors: Abraham C. Sianoya, Nemencio A. Nicodemus Jr. and Leslie Michelle M. Dalmacio
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:7
  2. Soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) stimulators have been investigated for heart failure (HF) in several randomized controlled trials (RCTs). However, its place in the management guidelines of either HFrEF or HfpE...

    Authors: Mohamed T. Abuelazm, Abdelrahman Attia, Mohamed Abdelnabi, Uzair Jafar, Omar Almaadawy, Mohamed A. Elzeftawy, Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Khaled Albakri and Basel Abdelazeem
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:6
  3. Heart failure (HF) poses a significant public health challenge throughout the world and Morocco. Our objective was to delineate the epidemiological characteristics of Moroccan patients living with chronic hear...

    Authors: Abdessamad Couissi, Meryem Haboub, Siyam Hamady, Taha Ettachfini and Rachida Habbal
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:5
  4. In patients with renal artery stenosis, revascularization was seen as a mean to improve outcomes, but large studies failed to show significant benefit in general population. However, data on benefits of renal ...

    Authors: Calin Homorodean, Mihai Claudiu Ober, Mihail Spinu, Maria Olinic, Dan-Alexandru Tataru, Horea Laurentiu Onea, Alexandru Achim, Leontin Florin Lazar, Romana Homorodean, Balasz Deak and Dan Mircea Olinic
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:4

    The Correction to this article has been published in The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:15

  5. The performance of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in patients with pre-existing prosthetic mitral valves is technically challenging due to the potential interference between both prosthetic devi...

    Authors: Oyewole A. Kushimo, Mitendra S. Yadav, Purneshwar Pandey, Santosh Singh and Viveka Kumar
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:3
  6. The prognostic value of right ventricular (RV) function in chronic heart failure (HF) has lately been well established. However, research on its role in acute heart failure (AHF) is sparse.

    Authors: Mirna M. Shaker, Hesham S. Taha, Hossam I. Kandil, Heba M. Kamal, Hossam A. Mahrous and Ahmed A. Elamragy
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:2
  7. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the main cause of death in Egypt. Many LDL-R gene locus single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) are found to be associated with the risk of CAD. This research aimed to assess the...

    Authors: Kefaya El-Sayed, Amany R. Youssef, Nehal M. Abdel Hay and Adel M. Osman
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2024 76:1
  8. Systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt (SPAS) is a rare condition that can occur as a result of congenital heart disease or chronic pulmonary inflammation, occasionally leading to life-threatening hemoptysis. Comp...

    Authors: Hirotsugu Notsuda, Fumiko Tomiyama, Ken Onodera, Tatsuaki Watanabe, Yui Watanabe, Hisashi Oishi, Hiromichi Niikawa, Chihiro Inoue, Hideki Ota, Masafumi Noda and Yoshinori Okada
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:103
  9. The left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are increasingly used for advanced heart failure as a bridge to heart transplantation or as a destination therapy. The aim of this study was to investigate the chang...

    Authors: Mohamed Laimoud, Emad Hakami, Mary Jane Maghirang and Tahir Mohamed
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:102
  10. Malignant primary cardiac tumors are infrequent and can lead to an unfavorable prognosis if not identified and treated promptly. Early detection and prompt treatment of malignant primary cardiac tumors are cru...

    Authors: Raul Cruz Palomera, Jose Dario Valencia Gonzalez, Juan Guzmán Olea, Rosa Elena Gutiérrez Castañeda, Juan Francisco Rodríguez Alvarado, Juan Camacho Huembes, Jorge Guillermo Arenas Fonseca, Alejandro Carcaño Cuevas and Gabriel Guzman Olea
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:101
  11. The long-term patency of arterial and venous grafts is crucial for the success of CABG. This study was designed to investigate graft patency using 128-slice coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and ...

    Authors: Khaled M. Elmaghraby, Salwa R. Demitry, Eman A. Hasaballah and Nady A. Razik
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:100
  12. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a hereditary myocardial disorder, often due to sarcomere gene mutations, characterized by the left ventricular hypertrophy. Current treatments offer symptomatic relief but ...

    Authors: Hussain Sohail Rangwala, Hareer Fatima, Mirha Ali, Syed Taha Ahmed, Burhanuddin Sohail Rangwala and Syed Raza Abbas
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:99
  13. Left atrial global longitudinal strain (LA GLS) has been used as a new assessment tool for left atrial function. This article aims to investigate the effect of balloon mitral valvuloplasty (BMV) in patients wi...

    Authors: Amr Setouhi, Hesham Boshra, Hany Askalany and Hazem M. A. Farrag
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:98
  14. The popularity of e-cigarettes has risen dramatically over the last few years, particularly among the younger population. Although the use of combustible cigarettes has established evidence to be associated wi...

    Authors: Muhammad Talal Ashraf, Asim Shaikh, Muhammad Khuzzaim Shakeel Khan, Naseer Uddin, Muhammad Arham bin Kashif, Syed Hassan Ahmed Rizvi, Hammad Khalid, Stafford Jude Sam and Affan Sohail
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:97
  15. Pulmonary valve (PV) infective endocarditis is a rare pathology. Association between acute endocarditis and Covid pneumonia is equally poorly investigated.

    Authors: Andrea Garatti, Andrea Daprati, Lorenzo Lora Ronco, Carlo Gaetano Sassi and Carlo De Vincentiis
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:96
  16. Pulmonary regurgitation is the most common complication after the complete repair of tetralogy of Fallot, and severe pulmonary regurgitation after surgery requires pulmonary valve replacement. In this retrospe...

    Authors: Reza Abbaszadeh, Raheleh Askari-Moghadam, Maryam Moradian, Hojat Mortazaeian, Mohammad Reza Safaei Qomi, Negar Omidi, Yasaman Khalili and Tahmineh Tahouri
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:95
  17. Tumor embolism is the least well-described cause of pulmonary embolism, taking into account the non-specificity of radiographic and nuclear imaging results, the necessity of anatomopathological evidence and th...

    Authors: Abderrahmane Bouchaala, Ihssane Khalek, Oualid Kerrouani, Najat Mouine, Zouhair Lakhal and Aatif Benyass
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:93
  18. Previous studies have reported conflicting results about the association of vitamin D (VD) level with coronary artery disease (CAD). We aimed to study the association of VD with atherosclerotic CAD in Egyptian...

    Authors: Magdy Algowhary, Ahmed Farouk, Heba E. M. El-Deek, Ghada Hosny, Ahmed Ahmed, Lobna A. Abdelzaher and Tahia H. Saleem
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:92
  19. Heart failure (HF) is a serious and frequent pathology. It represents a major public health problem. We have few data about this pathology in our country. The aim of our study is to determine the epidemiologic...

    Authors: Meriem Drissa, Marouan Krid, Fares Azaiez, Essia Mousli, Soumaya Yahyaoui, Cyrine Aouji and Habiba Drissa
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:91
  20. Ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm (RSoVA) is an uncommon cardiac anomaly that may occasionally coexist with additional congenital heart disease (CHD). The presence of such congenital cardiac anomalies, frequ...

    Authors: Ni Made Ayu Wulan Sari, Made Satria Yudha Dewangga, Ida Bagus Rangga Wibhuti, Luh Oliva Saraswati Suastika, I Dewa Gede Surya Mahardika Badung, Bryan Gervais de Liyis, Anastasya Maria Kosasih and Gusti Ngurah Prana Jagannatha
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:90
  21. Aortic aneurysm enlargement over time causes rupture, which frequently results in death. The family of proteases known as matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) is assumed to be proteolytic activity involved in the g...

    Authors: Ketut Angga Aditya Putra Pramana, Yusra Pintaningrum and Basuki Rahmat
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:88
  22. Dynamic functional substrate mapping of scar-related ventricular tachycardia offers better identification of ablation targets with limited ablation lesions. Several functional substrate mapping approaches have...

    Authors: Mohammad Gamal Elewa, Sherif Altoukhy, Haitham Abdelfattah Badran, Hayam El Damanhoury and John Kamel Zarif
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:87
  23. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is one solution to overcome cardiovascular problems. EuroSCORE II is a scoring system to predict mortality risk in patients undergoing cardiac surgery including CABG. Unfort...

    Authors: Rita Zahara, Daondy Friarsa Soeharto, Bambang Widyantoro, Sugisman and Bagus Herlambang
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:86
  24. Stent thrombosis, a life-threatening complication of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) continues to occur despite effective antiplatelet regimens and improved stenting methods. Noncompliance with dual a...

    Authors: Pedro Pallangyo, Smita V. Bhalia, Makrina Komba, Zabella S. Mkojera, Henry A. Mayala, Engerasiya Kifai and Peter R. Kisenge
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:85
  25. Despite the fact that injectable filler usage in the gluteal region has not been recommended in formal medical institutions, illegal procedures are performed in many clinics and beauty centers across Egypt. Th...

    Authors: Sameh Shaheen, Ahmed Al-Habbaa, Mohamed Saeid Riad, Ahmed Saied Mandour, Mahmoud Ali Elzeny and Khaled Alnady
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:83
  26. Stent graft-induced new entry (SINE), defined as the stent graft-induced formation of a new entry point for blood to enter an area, is increasingly being observed after thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEV...

    Authors: Tomohiro Nakajima, Yutaka Iba, Keishi Ogura and Nobuyoshi Kawaharada
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:81
  27. After a median sternotomy, mediastinitis may develop, necessitating reopening of the chest. Rarely, reoperation due to hematoma after cardiovascular surgery is experienced. In the present case, we experienced ...

    Authors: Tomohiro Nakajima, Yutaka Iba, Tsuyoshi Shibata and Nobuyoshi Kawaharada
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:80
  28. Congenital pericardial absence is an uncommon cardiac anomaly that is typically asymptomatic and commonly misdiagnosed due to a lack of symptoms or atypical symptoms. Pericardial agenesis (PA) should be consid...

    Authors: Tushar Kalekar, Latha P. Reddy, Deepak Koganti and Nikhith Soman
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:79
  29. Recent research has shown that the blood urea/creatinine ratio (BUN/Cr) rather than BUN or Cr alone can predict the prognosis of individuals with acute heart failure (AHF). The objective of this study was to e...

    Authors: Ahmed Refaat Mohamed Sakr, Gamal Fahim Elsayed Gomaa, Salwa Mahmoud El Wasif and Ahmed Hassan Hosny Eladawy
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:78
  30. Complete heart block (CHB) as a first presentation of acute viral myocarditis is a rare occurrence associated with increased morbidity and mortality. In such cases, an endomyocardial biopsy is recommended to m...

    Authors: Thomas Camilleri, Neil Grech, Maryanne Caruana and Mark Sammut
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:77
  31. Pulmonary hypertension “PH” is considered a serious cardiovascular disease. World Health Organization divided PH into groups depending on many factors like pathological, hemodynamic, and clinical pictures. Lat...

    Authors: Mark O. Dimitry, Youssef M. A. Soliman, Reem I. ElKorashy, Hala M. Raslan, Solaf A. Kamel, Eman M. Hassan, Fatma Elzahraa Ahmed, Rasha N. Yousef and Eman A. Awadallah
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:76
  32. Coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is associated with venous thromboembolism (VTE), not only during hospitalization but also after discharge, raising concerns about anticoagulant (AC) use for post-discharg...

    Authors: Reza Amani-Beni, Mohammad Kermani-Alghoraishi, Bahar Darouei and Christopher M. Reid
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:72
  33. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TC) is a transient cardiac syndrome that manifests with symptoms resembling acute myocardial infarction (MI). It is characterized by temporary wall-motion abnormalities predominantly ...

    Authors: Sameer Mtour, Lila H. Abu-Hilal, Duha I. Barghouthi, Yumna Njoum, Farah Jabbarin, Bilal Adwan, Ibrahim Abu Asbeh, Ali Mtour and Isaac Alsallamin
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:71
  34. Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) is a serious disease that can progress and lead to a deadly outcome. Despite optimal drug therapy, pulmonary hypertension (PH) remains fatal. Untreatable r...

    Authors: Swastya Dwi Putra, Radityo Prakoso, Aditya Agita Sembiring, Damba Dwisepto Aulia Sakti, Suko Adiarto, Arwin Saleh Mangkuanom and Yovi Kurniawati
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:70
  35. There has been an increase in the reporting of cases of left ventricular noncompaction (LVNC) cardiomyopathy in medical literature due to advances in medical imaging. Patients with LVNC may be asymptomatic or ...

    Authors: Okechukwu Samuel Ogah, Efosa P. Iyawe, Olanike Allison Orimolade, Kenechukwu Okwunze, Mesoma Okeke, Abdulhammed Babatunde, Akinyemi Aje and Adewole A. Adebiyi
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:69
  36. When heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) co-exist, Renin angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors (RAASi) are often underutilized for the fear of worsening re...

    Authors: Ahmad Samir, Salma Aboel-Naga, Ahmed Shehata and Magdy Abdelhamid
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:68
  37. Cardiac involvement is common in end-stage renal disease patients. The presenting study aimed to evaluate the global and segmental longitudinal strain in patients with advanced uremic cardiomyopathy (AUCM) and...

    Authors: Rizan Mohammadi, Farnoosh Larti, Roya Sattarzadeh Badkoubeh, Maryam Mehrpooya and Akram Sardari
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:67
  38. Changes in PR intervals after transcatheter pulmonary valve replacement (TCPVR) have not been thoroughly evaluated in children. This study evaluated the changes in PR and QRS intervals six months after TCPVR i...

    Authors: Abdelmonem M. Helal, Haysam A. Baho, Ahmed F. Elmahrouk and Mohamed H. Mashali
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:66
  39. Cystic Hydatid disease is a parasitic infection with a worldwide distribution. It is caused by the larval stages of a species of tapeworms known as Echinococcus granulosus. Even in endemic areas; Cardiac involvem...

    Authors: Kourosh Vahidshahi, Tahmineh Tahouri, Farzaneh Farahmandi and Manouchehr Hekmat
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:65
  40. There has been a resurgence in interest regarding the Ross procedure due to recent publications detailing positive long-term outcomes. Conversely, surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) with a pulmonary homo...

    Authors: Ahmed K. Awad, Dave M. Mathew, Peter J. Fusco, Kathryn S. Varghese, Omar Abdel-Nasser, Ayman K. Awad, Peter Giannaris, Serena M. Mathew and Adham Ahmed
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:64
  41. Many patients would require repeated ablation procedures owing to recurrent atrial fibrillation with its associated symptoms. Identifying those who are at risk of recurrent AF could assist us to develop preven...

    Authors: Amr AlKassas, Mohamed Fouda, Gaetano Fassini and Mohamed Sanhoury
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:63
  42. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has emerged as a global pandemic, leading to significant morbidity and mortality. The interplay between COVID-19 and other medical conditions can complicate diagnosis and ma...

    Authors: Anwar Khedr, Esraa Mamdouh Hassan, Hussam Al Hennawi, Abbas Bashir Jama, Muhammad Khuzzaim Khan, Mikael Mir, Aalaa Eissa, Ibtisam Rauf, Hisham Mushtaq, Nitesh Kumar Jain, Mir Rauf Subla, Salim Surani and Syed Anjum Khan
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:62
  43. Hypercholesterolemia is a lipid disorder characterized by excessively high levels of low-density lipoproteins, which encourages fat accumulation in your arteries, hence escalating the chances of heart attack a...

    Authors: Laiba Imran Vohra, Kashf Rizwan, Emaan Saeed, Muhammad Syed Ali Hamza and Sidhant Ochani
    Citation: The Egyptian Heart Journal 2023 75:60

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